“Hello Paulette, I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for your help and support in getting me on the plane.  My fear of flying had previously prevented me from taking trips and being with family during important times in their life. I had such an amazing trip with my son in law, daughter and granddaughters. I was also able to visit Louisiana and family that I have there and meet a sister that I never knew before. I then spent 3 days in New Orleans. Thank you again, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help.” C. Cook, Everett WA


“Paulette’s help has been immeasurable.  Through her gentle and respectful approach, she led me though past situations and feelings that had been distorted and debilitating.  This discovery has given me a new, clearer, & more realistic perspective. During the sessions, I always felt very safe and secure with Paulette.  I am now in a much better place and have reduced significantly the negative self-talk. Paulette’s hypnotherapy has been and continues to be life changing” –  Wendy K., Mukilteo, WA


“When I first started working with Paulette, I didn’t know what to expect from hypnosis. She did a great job of explaining the process, and hypnotized me the first time! The issues we worked on were hard, but Paulette was compassionate, capable, and really listened to me. The insights we found were amazing, and I can directly see how hypnotherapy with her has made my life better.” – Lawrence W, Seattle


Paulette is super caring and a great hypnotist. I highly recommend her and would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.” – Nancy Hafferman, Bellevue


“Working with Paulette has changed my life. I went to her needing to make a change and she made me feel comfortable and confident that through this work it was achievable. She explained the process of hypnosis in a way that was clear and tangible, erasing my preconceived ideas of what I had seen on movies or stage shows. The process itself is remarkable – it/she allowed me to heal parts of my past I would never have been able to otherwise. She even taught me a self-hypnosis practice, which I can now continue to use daily, long after my work with her is completed. I would recommend hypnosis and Paulette specifically, to anyone wanting to make a change in their life. I actually cannot think of a single person who would not benefit from working with her. I am so lucky and thankful that I got to work with Paulette, she’s given me a new and exciting take on life that will be with me forever!” – Matt S, Seattle


Paulette is a kind and insightful hypnotists. She’s skilled at helping clients get results – even when other things they’ve tried have failed. You’ll love working with her.” – Erika Flint, Bellingham


“Last night, I had a hypnotherapy session with Paulette (our 3rd); When we started our sessions, I had asked her to help me release the portion of myself and my energy tied up in hate, in rage, in self-pity at what had happened, what had been done to me during my childhood. Last night, she helped me deal with and remove 50-plus years and ten tons of soul-abscess poison. Nothing delusional, everything that was done still very much happened, and: I can FINALLY leave all the grief, all the rage, all the self-pitying “It wasn’t FAIR!”, “Nobody loves/d me!” agony in the past with the dead shades of those who abused and neglected and molested younger me. I can and have poured out the pity-pit-pot of sewage I had been stirring (not-so-secretly nursing in a sick way, like Gollum with his “precious”).
Right now, I’m bouncing between ecstasy, numb shock, and reaching for what used to be in my mind like reaching for a missing tooth with your tongue, marvelling at the hole that doesn’t have any hurt in it anymore.
Any of my friends, hell, anyBODY in the greater Seattle area: You deserve to heal your heart. I had all but given up hope (even to occasional ideations of suicide!).
Visit Paulette. I promise, swear, affirm & avow, what she does, WORKS!” – Ross M, Everett



1721 Hewitt Ave Suite #313
Everett, WA 98201